NILD 35th Anniversary Conference -- Complete Video Package

NILD 35th Anniversary Conference -- Complete Video Package
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Note: you will receive immediate access to all 8 hours of video content and handouts upon completing your purchase.

NILD 35th Anniversary Conference Day Sessions
Learning Keys: Unlocking the Highways to Success

IGNITE academic excellence in your classrooms

SPARK the engines of learning, curiosity and motivation to increase student engagement and deepen learning

IMPROVE student performance

UNLEASH students' ability to "learn how to learn"

Note from Kristin Barbour, NILD Executive Director:

     We are thrilled to share with you the entire Conference Day set of videos. Here's what is in store for you immediately upon submitting your purchase:

     "Learning is change. The ever changing interactions between learner characteristics, content, context of learning, the environment, and time create the fluid and dynamic shape of learning. Helping students develop cognitive abilities and skill-based masteries are important learning keys. The content in my presentations will reinforce the importance of the zone of proximal development, equal opportunities to learn, and cognitive apprenticeships.

     "My opening session will provide new insights about how educators and parents can help students discover unrealized learning potential. We'll explore critical keys to learning and how we can be agents of our students' transformation. My session on meta-cognition and processing speed will provide you with specific examples that you can use in your educational therapy sessions right away that will strengthen students' thinking. During my closing session, we'll examine how you can stimulate curiosity and increase motivation in your students. 

     "Additionally, Drs. Surina Basho and Kevin Washburn in their sessions will expose you to scientific, evidence-informed practices, enabling you to gain a deeper understanding about how to engage students in rigorous, dynamic and individualized learning experiences. They share NILD's philosophy of education that recognizes cognitive development and skill acquisition changes brain structure. They have seen firsthand through their research that neurophysiological structures in the brain are modifiable demonstrating both flexibility and adaptability.

     "Watch these videos as often as you'd like...I am confident that you will be well equipped with new insights, practical tips and techniques that you and your students will benefit from immediately in your classrooms and therapy stations."


Surina Basho, Ph.D.
Dr. Basho earned her PhD in Child Development from Tufts University, where she focused on cognitive neuroscience (imaging reading in the brain at MIT/MGH) and learning differences (executive function, working memory and dyslexia) in children. While obtaining her PhD, Surina worked with renowned executive function expert, Dr. Lynn Meltzer, conducting neuropsychological assessments, individualized intervention for students, and research in the classroom. She also co-authored a chapter with Dr. Meltzer in the book, "Executive Function in the Classroom: Fostering Strategic Mindsets Across the Grades and Content Areas," (2010). Additionally, Surina instructed diverse groups of educational professionals in how cognitive neuroscience and education can inform one another at the Mind, Brain, Education Summer Institute at Harvard University.

Kevin Washburn, Ed.D.

Dr. Washburn is the Executive Director of Clerestory Learning, has authored the book, The Architecture of Learning: Designing Instruction for the Learning Brain, and developed the Writer’s Stylus instructional writing program and its professional development course. Dr. Washburn has been a contributor to The SmartBlogs: Education Blog, The Edurati Review, and The Ecology of Education, along with maintaining his own Clerestory Learning Blog, The Window. He remains an active member of the International Mind, Brain and Education Society, and the Learning & the Brain Society. With degrees in Elementary Education and English, Dr. Washburn enjoyed 20+ years in education as a classroom teacher, substitute teacher, remedial reading teacher, school administrator, and Assistant Curriculum Director for an international educational publisher. Dr. Washburn earned an Ed.D. in Educational Leadership. 

Kristin Barbour, M.Ed., CCC-SLP

Kristin is the Executive Director for the National Institute for Learning Development (NILD). Prior to working at NILD, Kristin worked as an inpatient speech-language pathologist at Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters, Norfolk, Virginia. For the past 14 years Kristin has presented seminars and workshops nationally and internationally on topics related to learning disabilities and development for parents and educators.

8 hours of video content, as follows:

Welcome & Keynote: "Learning Keys: Unlocking the Highways to Success" presented by Kristin Barbour

"Metacognition and Processing Speed: NILD Therapy Application" presented by Kristin Barbour

"Curiosity, Motivation, and Resilience: NILD Educational Therapy Application" presented by Kristin Barbour

"Refining Our Understanding of Executive Function" presented by Dr. Surina Basho

"Slow Processing Speed and Executive Function Difficulties: How are they Related?" presented by Dr. Surina Basho

"Excited! Sparking & Sustaining Curiosity & Motivation" presented by Dr. Kevin Washburn

"Determined!: Helping Students Develop Resilience, Grit, & a Learning Mindset" presented by Dr Kevin Washburn


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