Overall Rating: 100.00%
Average Rating: 10.00/10
After a lot of hard work and three years in the program I began to see a difference... I was no longer the slowest worker. I could understand new concepts much easier, sometimes quicker than my friends. This boost in confidence helped me to apply myself even more. By the time I was in high school I was no longer getting Cs and Ds on my report cards, I was earning As and Bs! School was no longer a daunting task, it was a challenge I felt ready to face. This program has helped me to face life's struggles differently. Instead of beginning with a defeated attitude I dive in and try my best, relying on the things I have learned, and because of the skills I learned there [NILD program] that I was able to earn a bachelors degree in Elementary Education.

Brittany (Smith) Wilson, Former Student
Hindsight is 20/20 vision. When I look back at my daughter’s school years, I can clearly see the signs of her learning disabilities: a kindergarten teacher reminding me to watch her letter and number reversals, the difficulties she had learning to read, a third grade teacher who seemed overly concerned with her SAT scores, and finally a sixth grade teacher who suggested testing. Six important educational years would pass before I would address my daughter’s learning disability. [T]est results showed a significant problem in her spatial perception, a problem that could be treated with medication. We were hoping for an alternative plan to medication. That alternative was provided. We did enroll Dannika [in NILD Educational Therapy], a very bright 7th grader who had a very real learning disability. We saw measurable improvement in her just in the first year. Math was her weakest subject. By the last 6 weeks of school, Dannika made all A’s on her report card, including an A in Pre-Algebra, an accomplishment she had never made before. These grades were earned in all regular classes with no modifications.

Jo Lynn, Parent
I really struggled with my attentiveness in the classroom. One teacher even suggested that I had ADD! My math skills were pretty much nonexistent and my reading skills were way below my grade level. [My cousin] also had struggled with her own learning disabilities while not having access to this sort of [NILD] program. Because of it school was incredibly hard for her and she hated it. She is very intelligent but her reading comprehension issues kept her from achieving what she was fully capable of. I know that if she was able to participate in the NILD program school would have been very different for her. College was too overwhelming and demanding with her continuing learning problems. While I, on the other hand, graduated with my Bachelor Degree in Psychology with a GPA over 3.0. I mention this only to emphasize the terrible need for this program to be in schools all across the United States as well as the rest of the world.

Amanda (Smith) Chapple , Former Student

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